Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


RTX has had a rich history of Research and Development (R&D) in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) over the last decade. This work spans theoretical to field-deployed applications and our innovations have bridged problems from natural language processing to network flows and cybersecurity.

With RTX's role in developing fundamental research and the integration of AI/ML technologies into broader systems, there are strong opportunities for partnership, integration and collaboration in leveraging RTX's Intellectual Property.

In addition to the registered Intellectual Property, RTX has integrable AI/ML components and end-to-end capabilities that can help advance your business.



Manufacturing operations at RTX has an “innovation” focused mindset, realized in the many activities and initiatives, including agile and lean methodologies and factory continuous improvement projects that result in increased efficiencies improved quality and reduced costs. These projects and initiatives often depend on the creation and/or application of advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies. Many of RTX's innovative manufacturing solutions create intellectual property in the development of quality, cost-effective solutions.



RTX has had to develop innovative solutions related to all aspects of communications. From new technology for uninterrupted military communications in contested environments to creating techniques that increase the current limits of optical communications technology to operating in the millimeter wave spectrum. RTX has worked along the entire EM spectrum to solve communications problems.



RTX has made many innovations related to unmanned vehicles and autonomous operations of those vehicles. RTX brings enhanced situational awareness, surveillance, navigation and communications to unmanned systems in some of the world's toughest environments.



Sensing is one of RTX's core markets and most robust technology portfolios. RTX has decades of experience innovating in this space, serving broad needs with technologies ranging from small commercial sensors useful in the automotive space to world-wide, multi-sensor and multiple-domain systems. Our experience in design, development, deploying and maintaining these sensor systems through the entire world is second to none.

In addition to aerospace and defense, these sensor technologies are finding applications in automotive, commercial space, farming, and even smart cities. Raytheon Technologies' IP and technological expertise spans the spectrum.



RTX is constantly evolving — setting a challenging pace as a leading provider of semiconductor capability in defense and civil solutions. At RTX's Radio Frequency (RF) Components facility, engineers are producing the next generation of gallium nitride (GaN) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifiers that provide advanced capabilities to our emerging systems. RTX continues to push the state of the art in this space in both power and operating frequency.