We’re defeating tomorrow’s threats 

As domains converge and connect, new threats and opportunities emerge. By giving service members every advantage for operational success, RTX is creating a safer world. It is this mission that drives our innovation in defense technology. 

A relentless pursuit of progress drives us forward every day – because the progress we make matters. And it matters because what we deliver protects and connects our world.

Key facts

We draw on decades of investment in technology to protect our world. Here are just a few examples.

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pounds of thrust produced by the F135 fighter engine

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coverage delivered by LTAMDS radar to defeat next-generation threats

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operational hours of high-energy laser weapon systems 

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lives (and counting) saved by the ACES family of ejection seats

How can you own the sky before leaving the ground? 

Annabel Flores, a strategic business unit leader at Raytheon, discusses the importance of taking control of the skies at the first instance of a strategic threat. RTX’s high-energy laser systems are helping defeat drone swarm threats without leaving the ground. Our airborne sensors give pilots and unmanned aircraft the advantage at penetrating enemy airspaces and accomplishing their missions.


All about the F-35

It’s the world’s most advanced fighter jet, and RTX produces much of the technology that helps it accomplish its many missions – including our new, smart F135 engine core upgrade.  

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How will multiple domains act as one? 

Data collected in one military domain is often useful in another. Our sensors and networks can connect those domains securely, delivering the intelligence that helps make the right decision at the right time. 

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How can you own the sky before ever leaving ground? 

RTX creates the most advanced air-to-air missile capabilities to counter peer threats at extended range in an increasingly complex world. They matter in the defense of allied nations and their citizens – and they matter in ways we have yet to imagine. 

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Who we are

We design. We engineer. We code. We research. We patent. We test. We learn. We iterate. We manufacture. We produce. 

We create breakthroughs that protect and connect our world – from seabed to space, and everywhere in between. 

We are RTX: a diverse team of explorers united in our goal to push the boundaries of known science – and solve the world’s most complex problems. 


Transformative technologies

We're developing products, systems and concepts to help our customers meet their most critical needs.

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Sustainable, more connected flight

We design and build innovative solutions that are transforming aerospace. 

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