How will sustainable become the standard? 

Reducing CO2 emissions is more than our priority – it’s our passion. That’s why we’re reinventing aviation with more efficient engines and hybrid electric propulsion. It’s part of our commitment to meet net-zero emissions and safeguard our environment.  

Progress is developed. It is produced. A relentless pursuit of progress drives us forward every day – because the progress we make matters. It matters in secure and sustainable flight. 

Key facts

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of the world’s airspace managed by our systems

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1 billion+

gallons of fuel saved so far by GTF engine-powered aircraft

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of particles, including viruses, removed by our HEPA air filtration systems for airplanes

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solutions to move passengers through airports with minimal contact

Can we make sustainable the standard?

Graham Webb, chief sustainability officer at Pratt & Whitney, discusses the aviation industry’s emissions goals and what it will take from a technology, logistics and industry perspective to reach them. 


The future of flight is sustainable  

Advanced structural technologies are reducing aircraft drag, weight, noise and environmental impact. Our specialized materials and manufacturing processes allow us to design and build innovative structural solutions for our customers as we transform the future of aerospace together.

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How can data be the difference? 

In aviation, data is everywhere – from passengers tapping their phones, to radars watching the weather and aircraft systems creating digital records of flights. We bring all that data together to deliver insights to the right people at the right time – to make flight, safer, smarter and more sustainable.

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Who we are

We design. We engineer. We code. We research. We patent. We test. We learn. We iterate. We manufacture. We produce. 

We create breakthroughs that protect and connect our world – from seabed to space, and everywhere in between. 

We are RTX: a diverse team of explorers united in our goal to push the boundaries of known science – and solve the world’s most complex problems.