RTX BBN Technologies has been providing advanced technology research and development for more than 70 years. From the UN General Assembly Hall, and the ARPANET, to the first @ email, and the first metro network protected by quantum cryptography, BBN has consistently transitioned advanced research to innovative solutions.

BBN has solved critical problems from undersea to deep space. Drawing on our broad and deep technology portfolio, our innovations have provided leading-edge networking solutions, speech understanding in any language or format, life-saving shooter and explosives detection, unsurpassed security, and imaging capabilities undaunted by distance and darkness.

BBN is where customers find solutions to their most challenging problems and smart, talented people find rewarding work that matters.

Products and Services

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Real-Time Speech Processing Software for Human-Machine Interfaces  Cyrus speech-to-text & command extractor enables hands-free command & control and data entry, completely on-device, meaning the data is never sent to third parties.

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Multimedia Monitoring System

Multimedia Monitoring System

M3S collects, translates, searches and organizes content in multiple languages from the World Wide Web, broadcast media and social media channels.

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Synthetic Biology

The convergence of biology and computer science has revolutionary potential in many fields including: sensing, defense against biological threats, medicine, environmental remediation and manufacturing.

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Quantum Engineering and Computing

Quantum Computing and Engineering

By merging physics, engineering and computer science, we are exploring revolutionary advances computing, sensing and communication.

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Conversational Speech Transcription and Retrieval System

C-STARS automatically transcribes and indexes audio files so users don’t have to listen to long conversations to locate content of interest.

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BBN Quantum Computer

Think faster: advantages of quantum processing

Graphene Bolometer

Delivering on the promise of graphene

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