You start with 60,000 engineers, 60,000 patents, $7.3 billion in annual research and development funding, and 13 technology roadmaps that reflect what our customers will need, well into the future.

Then you add a venture capital division that invests in companies trying bold new concepts in areas such as artificial intelligence and electrified propulsion, and you complement it with research involving more than 80 U.S. universities.

This is our formula for transformative technologies – the products, systems and concepts to help our customers meet their most critical needs, as well as those they have yet to envision.

Advanced materials and manufacturing

A worker inside an engine while helping to build it

Materials make the difference for a broad range of products across our aviation, defense and space portfolios.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomy

Confident Engineer in White Shirt Working on Jet Engine with Use of Augmented Reality Hologram in an Office at Plane Assembly Plant. Industrial Specialist Working in Technological Development Facility

Our teams use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the design, development and testing of products – and to make them smarter, easier to use and more capable than ever, with enhanced safety.


Hybrid electric flight demonstrator

We are advancing technologies for electric and hybrid electric propulsion, as well as electric power technologies for power supplies, sensors, kinetic effects and non-kinetic effects.

Advanced sensing

advanced sensing

We have a deep heritage in developing radio frequency, electro-optical/infrared sensing, communications and electronic warfare systems for space, air, ground, sea and undersea environments.

Advanced propulsion


We are developing propulsion systems for a wide range of applications including commercial and military aircraft, as well kinetic and non-kinetic effectors.

Integrated systems

We apply model-based digital engineering and operations analysis to create systems that are smarter, faster and more effective than previously possible.

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Innovation channels

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RTX BBN Technologies

RTX BBN Technologies has been providing advanced technology research and development for more than 70 years. From the UN General Assembly Hall, and the ARPANET, to the first @ email, and the first metro network protected by quantum cryptography, BBN has consistently transitioned advanced research to innovative solutions.
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RTX Technology Research Center

RTX Technology Research Center serves as our innovation hub – developing new technologies and solving the toughest challenges by facilitating the transfer of discoveries and capabilities across the company.

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RTX Ventures

RTX Ventures is our venture capital division – investing in small, growing companies and the ideas that will transform aerospace and defense.

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Submit an idea

Submit an idea to RTX

The next great idea can come from anyone. That's why we keep an open communication line to everyone who may have that next innovation or solution.

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We’re looking for top talent in engineering and technology.

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