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RTX Ventures focus areas

RTX Ventures is interested in technologies that can have an impact across the entire RTX portfolio. Some of these interests include:

Secure and connected ecosystem

Secure and connected ecosystem

Connecting millions of nodes and networks across aviation as well as the domains of defense for seamless data-sharing and reliable operation amid dynamic cyber threats.

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Power and propulsion

Driving the next generation of propulsion through systems including scramjets and hybrid electric engines and motors – and solving the hardest challenges in heat management and materials science.

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Autonomy and artificial intelligence

Developing systems that interpret large data sets, respond autonomously and help human operators make critical decisions quickly.

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Precision sensing and effects

Building systems that provide greater visibility into operating environments and offer a variety of options to respond.

Daniel Ateya

“The companies we’re investing in provide unique opportunities to introduce a new wave of innovation to the aerospace, defense and commercial aviation sectors. The use of these breakthrough technologies will create considerable disruption in these industries.”

Dan Ateya | President & Managing Director | RTX Ventures

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