Our Community Response: COVID-19

Raytheon Technologies takes seriously our responsibility to protect our employees, serve our communities and deliver on our commitments to customers around the world as we monitor the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We’ve instituted numerous health and safety measures for our workforce. These include self-quarantine procedures, social distancing, remote and flexible work schedules, enhanced paid leave and continuous deep cleaning and disinfecting of our manufacturing facilities and offices.

Our community focus to date includes:

  • Donating more than 100,000 masks, gloves and protective suits for FEMA's national response efforts, and for the New York Police Department, upon request of the White House.
  • Delivering over 10,000 medical-grade face shields, via 3D printing, over the next four weeks.
  • Responding to the U.S. Air Force's request for systems to protect pilots and crews in the transportation of sick patients.
  • Helping the defense industrial base supply chain get the financial and legal advice needed to access federal assistance, in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force.
GJH at white house

"It's a different war than anybody has ever fought before, but it's a war we're uniquely qualified to help," Greg Hayes, Chief Executive Officer, Raytheon Technologies, announced at the White House.