Inside Connect Up, our new $500 million corporate social responsibility initiative

The 10-year commitment will advance equitable opportunities in STEM education, career development and community well-being

Lifting up underserved communities. Leveling the playing field for women, people of color and all those underrepresented in technology. Providing military veterans and families with resources for successful civilian careers. Helping families put food on the table.

Those are among the goals of Connect Up, RTX’ new 10-year, $500 million investment in programs that bring transformative, generational change and address pressing present-day problems around the world.

“The measure of business success must include community growth,” said Greg Hayes, RTX’ chief executive officer.

The program, launched to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the merger that created RTX, taps into the company’s “unique strengths,” Hayes said – specifically its size, the sense of purpose among its more than 180,000 employees, and its 100-year history of ingenuity and innovation.

“Through focused investments, volunteer commitment and strategic partnerships, we will create lasting, multi-generational impact in education opportunity, armed services support and local community relief,” Hayes said.

Connect Up combines philanthropic capital, a network of nonprofit partners and a corps of employee volunteers to support communities through:

  • Advancing lifelong learning, with a focus on access to science, technology, engineering and math education; the goal is a more work-ready and diverse talent pipeline for jobs of the future.
  • Providing resources to military families and helping veterans use their transferable skills as they transition to the civilian workforce.
  • Addressing social welfare in local communities to create a more equitable and secure future for generations to come.

Partner organizations are a major part of the new initiative. Connect Up includes new strategic partnerships for RTX, as well as an expansion of existing relationships. Each was chosen for its focus and track record of success across Connect Up’s focus areas.

Employee volunteerism is also central to the program. As part of the initiative, RTX has launched a companywide volunteer program that will give employees meaningful opportunities to connect with their communities.

To kick off the program, RTX is challenging its employee population to complete a total of 1 million acts of service in 2021, starting with the Connect Up Global Month of Service. Throughout April, employees will participate in virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities.