How can you own the sky before ever leaving the ground?


Key stats

We develop and deliver technologies that help ensure operational advantage. Here are just a few examples.

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F135 engines delivered

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AESA radars delivered

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$2 billion+

in AMRAAM contracts over the last 18 months


pounds of thrust produced by the F135 fighter engine


All about the F-35

F-35 jet sitting on the tarmac

It’s the world’s most advanced fighter jet, and RTX produces much of the technology that helps it accomplish its many missions.

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Air dominance

With fourth- and fifth-generation fighters still in the skies and sixth-generation aircraft under development, RTX is ensuring they can all fly and fight alongside each other to achieve air dominance.

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Connected battlespace

Pilot and co-pilot managing aircraft controls in a cockpit

Data collected in one military domain is often useful in another. Our sensors and networks can connect those domains securely, delivering the intelligence that helps make the right decision at the right time.

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