At Raytheon Technologies, we're accelerating ideas to solve some of the world's biggest challenges by bringing together the brightest, most innovative minds across aviation, space and defense.

We form an unrivaled company, with one team coming together across the globe to push the limits of known science and redefine how we connect and protect our world. We are advancing aviation, building smarter defense systems and creating innovations to take us deeper into space.

We are made for this moment 

The rover called Perseverance on Mars

At this moment, there’s a new rover on Mars and a long-term plan to send people there; our sustainable aviation efforts are making blue skies bluer; and our defense systems are reaching all the way into space to protect what’s here on Earth.

Transformative technologies

A high performance aerospace engine.

With more than 100 years of experience, our research and development team is creating breakthrough technologies in fields such as artificial intelligence, advanced propulsion, electrification and thermal management.