The cutting edge of defense

As domains converge and connect, new threats and opportunities emerge. By giving our service members every advantage for operational success, we create a safer world. It is this mission that drives our relentless innovation in defense technology.

With our integrated expertise and capabilities, Raytheon Technologies is uniquely positioned to give our customers the advantage in every moment. 

Moments that matter

We draw on decades of investment in technology to protect our world. Here are just a few examples.

Mike Kiernan is engineering the moments that matter in defense

What does it take to deliver the next generation of military jet engines? Mike Kiernan explains how we’re managing all engineering aspects for the 6th generation.

B-52 modernization

The B-52 is approaching 70 years of service – and the Air Force is investing in a modernization effort that will keep it relevant until 2050. That would add up to a century’s worth of missions for the B-52 – a plane whose first pilots are now in their 80s and 90s and whose last pilots are yet to be born.

To keep the B-52 dominant, the Air Force plans to invest in technologies including a new engine system, aerostructures and precision weaponry. Here is how Raytheon Technologies can deliver on all those fronts.


Artist rendition of a hypersonic missile flying in the air

The challenges of the hypersonic era in military operations are immense. But so are the abilities of innovators who work together to solve them. Here are some of the ways engineers at Raytheon Technologies, with their deep expertise in areas including heat management, propulsion, missile development and surface- and space-based sensing, are combining novel problem-solving approaches to give the U.S. military and allied forces an advantage in the era of hypersonic military operations.

The moments we're made for

Missile defense is all about buying time. The sooner you detect an attack, the more options you have to intervene.

And the best place to buy that kind of time is in space.

Our capabilities

We provide the capabilities our defense customers need to help ensure global security, such as systems for missile warning and surveillance, fighter jet platforms, hypersonic technology, and air dominance and cybersecurity technologies.  

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