Always looking beyond the horizon

Whether at the airport, in the aircraft or in the sky, we are redefining aviation for safer, more efficient flight. We’re building the technology today to meet the needs of tomorrow’s more information-driven and connected aviation ecosystem.

From developing contactless passenger experiences and eco-aviation solutions, to preparing tomorrow’s skies for new aircraft yet to takeoff, we bring knowledge and technologies together from across our company to connect and advance the future of air travel.

Moments that matter

We push the limits of known science to help move flight forward. Here are a few examples.

LeAnn Ridgeway is engineering the moments that matter in aviation

How do you restore passenger confidence during and after the pandemic? LeAnn Ridgeway discusses how we’re using biometrics and automation to make air travel safer and more efficient.

The aviation ecosystem

In aviation, data is everywhere. It comes from passengers tapping their phones to book flights, choose seats and check in. It comes from radars watching the weather and transponders telling air traffic controllers which plane is which. It comes from all over the aircraft, with systems and subsystems creating a detailed digital record of the flight. Bringing that information together, analyzing it and delivering the insights to the right people at the right time is a concept Raytheon Technologies calls the “connected aviation ecosystem,” and the result, experts say, will be greater efficiency and smoother operations across the industry.

The moments we're made for

The contactless passenger journey was in the works well before COVID-19. But the pandemic practically made it a must for travelers to be able to get through the airport without having to touch things like check-in kiosks. Today's contactless journey is a glimpse into what commercial flight might look like for decades to come.  

Sustainable aviation

Shadow of a plane flying over a lush green forest
No single technology will get us to our ambitious emissions goals for aviation. Our engineers are working to meet these goals through innovations in hybrid electric aircraft engines, sustainable aviation fuels and hydrogen-powered engines. 

Our capabilities

We provide the capabilities our aviation customers need to support global commerce, such as commercial engines, flight systems, and control and airport services. 

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