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All you need are few supplies to build and launch your very own rocket at home. Experiment with different designs to learn how the law of action and reaction impact launch.




All you need are few supplies to build and launch your very own rocket at home. Experiment with different designs to learn how the law of action and reaction impact launch. 

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Want to go to space?

Space science ambassador

Use this worksheet to plan out your dream space mission! You’ll find resources to help you dig deeper, explore your interests and find out more about NASA careers.

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100 videos. 100 math topics.


If you’re looking for a little extra help in math, check out these “mini videos” about various math concepts. Algebra, geometry, word problems, probability, sequences … whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

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It's not magic ... It's math!

Logo for Stemazing

Transform yourself into a human computer to do a cool magic trick and use code to send secret messages to your family and friends.

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Ready to Kahoot?

Ready to Kahoot?

Test your knowledge about 3D printing, engineering, NASA’s Artemis program, bearded dragons, dry ice and much more!

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Explain how it’s done with HTML and CSS

Explain how it’s done with HTML and CSS

Use coding to show someone how to make a video, how to draw, how to create cobblestone in Minecraft … whatever you’re good at!

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Make lights glow without plugging them in

See how you can create electricity at your kitchen table without an outlet (and without a lightning rod).

Bees are nature's florists. You can help give them a home.

With a soup can, some straws and a string you can make a 5 star honeybee hotel.

Who knew making paper airplanes could be a great way to learn physics?

Learn the four forces of flight with this fun tutorial from U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

Learn how crystals are formed with this fun experiment using items you probably have in your house.

The longer you let your crystal solution set, the more crystals you'll get. How many crystals are you going to make?

You don't need a computer science lab to become a code writing ninja. 

Two elementary-age girls coding on a computer

This virtual CoderDojo will give you everything you need to get started in the art of coding.

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Give your brain a workout with this week's math problem!

Mathcounts Problem of the Week logo

And access years of fun problems if you're feeling like you're up for a math-marathon.

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Featured Experiences

It’s more than hitting a puck

Friction, kinetic energy, force, speed … it all makes hockey possible. See how science helps hockey players skate, shoot and score.

Learn more about our world from your device

Learn more about our world from your device

The Museum of Science in Boston hosts several free events each week — get signed up to see cool demos, engage in a weekly challenge, ask scientists your questions and more. 

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What makes a computer, a computer?

Find out from a former Apple designer and one of the inventors of Xbox.

Want to see how to make a beaker invisible?

Watch Lucian's video to learn about invisibility through refraction science.

Imagine having a one hour question and answer session with scientists, engineers and doctors every other week.

Stuck at Home Science

The California Science Center’s podcast is here to answer all your science questions! 

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Christa's Lost Lessons

Christa McAuliffe working with a female colleague on a science demonstration for her Teacher in Space mission

Christa McAuliffe was an astronaut and math teacher. Her legacy lives on with these great lessons plans she prepared that take place in zero gravity. 

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An exploding garbage can filled with ping pong balls.

Need we say more?

Virtual Planetariums. The coolest science stories. Interviews with scientists about outer space.

Children trying on special glasses at an exhibit at the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science has a calendar filled with awesome virtual experiences for you. 

See what's happening at the Museum of Science

STEM Career Spotlight

A career that takes flight

Shaun manages a team that makes our nation’s strategic defense platforms possible at Collins Aerospace. Learn more about his career journey and about the forces of flight.

Get a professional perspective

Group of students listening to a presentation

Explore careers in marine biology, conservation criminology, environmental ecology and more during EarthEcho International's live virtual events with STEM professionals. Make sure to register today! 

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What is a “Hacker Hunter”?

Molly Payne can tell you. A former chemistry teacher, she makes a living seeking cyber security threats.

Astronaut Interviews: Rick Searfoss

Find out from space shuttle pilot and commander Rick Searfoss what it’s like to work in space and operate a shuttle.

Gamma-ray bursts are massive explosions that happen in distant galaxies. Dr. Colleen Wilson-Hodge studies them for a living.

Learn how Dr. Wilson-Hodge earned the job of a lifetime.

Meet Emily, a design engineer at Collins Aerospace

In this episode of Chats with Change Makers, Tiffany speaks with Emily, an engineer at Collins Aerospace. Emily designs space suits for astronauts on the International Space Station.