The moment a young person decides to become an engineer. The moment a military veteran makes the switch to a civilian career. The moment communities come together to better meet the needs of their people.

Raytheon Technologies supports those moments through Connect Up – our social responsibility initiative to drive transformative, generational impact. By connecting talented people united in purpose, we strive to lift up underserved communities, inspire the workforce of the next generation and build a world that is more prosperous and equitable for all.

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Lifelong learning

We believe that safeguarding the future of aerospace and defense begins with nurturing the endless curiosity that leads to lifelong learning. By partnering with leading organizations that cultivate STEM skills, innovation, and diverse thinking, we are connecting with students to expand the scope of what’s possible and building a career-ready, diverse talent pipeline for the workforce of the future.

Our initiatives in practice

Honoring service

We connect with and support the men and women who keep us safe every day by investing in programs that help veterans identify career opportunities as they transition to the civilian workforce, keep military families connected, and inspire their children through STEM education to become the innovators of the future.

Our initiatives in practice

Supporting communities

We are committed to driving local community impact through strategic investments and partnerships that address social welfare issues to create a more equitable and secure future generations. We seek to connect deeply with the communities where we live and work to provide the resources needed to help them thrive.


Our initiatives in practice

Donation requests

Raytheon Technologies considers grant requests from nonprofit organizations annually between July 1 and September 15.