Stay at Home with STEM

Three girls working together on a science experiment

Do you like to take things apart? Have you ever asked why and how something works? Are you a builder, a problem solver, a maker, a thinker, an innovator? If you answered yes, learn more about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through immersive digital experiences, advice from today’s innovators and fun activities for junior high and high school students.

Featured Experiences

It’s more than hitting a puck

Friction, kinetic energy, force, speed … it all makes hockey possible. See how science helps hockey players skate, shoot and score.

Learn more about our world from your device

The Museum of Science in Boston hosts several free events each week — get signed up to see cool demos, engage in a weekly challenge, ask scientists your questions and more.

What makes a computer, a computer?

Find out from a former Apple designer and one of the inventors of Xbox.

Want to see how to make a beaker invisible?

Watch Lucian's video to learn about invisibility through refraction science.

Imagine having a one hour question and answer session with scientists, engineers and doctors every other week.

Stuck at Home Science
The California Science Center’s podcast is here to answer all your science questions!

Christa's Lost Lessons

Christa McAuliffe working with a female colleague on a science demonstration for her Teacher in Space mission
Christa McAuliffe was an astronaut and math teacher. Her legacy lives on with these great lessons plans she prepared that take place in zero gravity.

An exploding garbage can filled with ping pong balls. 

Need we say more?


Virtual Planetariums. The coolest science stories. Interviews with scientists about outer space. 

Children trying on special glasses at an exhibit at the Museum of Science
The Museum of Science has a calendar filled with awesome virtual experiences for you.