Empowering an inclusive environment

Raytheon Technologies' nine employee resource groups are volunteer organizations that help drive our company's inclusive culture and create positive change. That focus on inclusion is reflected in the structure of the organizations themselves. Each group is led by a voluntary employee board with leaders and executive sponsors from across our global enterprise. Employees are encouraged to join any ERG they wish, whether as a member with a shared affinity, or as an ally.

The ERGs give voice to the diverse communities that make up our workforce. As the heartbeat of our employee population, they represent what we stand for, who we are and who we strive to become. A strong ERG community improves the employee experience, promotes professional development and cultivates a diverse talent pipeline of leaders with global experience and an inclusive mindset. All of this helps drive innovation and success in our businesses.

Raytheon Technologies ERGs

RTXADAPT abled and disabled associates partnering together

As a community dedicated to supporting employees with disabilities and those who are caretakers, RTX ADAPT creates an inclusive environment for those with unique challenges.

RTXASPIRES asian pacific islander resource group

RTX ASPIRES celebrates the diverse cultures and contributions of Raytheon Technologies’ Asian employees. The group is building a strong Asian community at the company to support its members’ social and professional empowerment.

RTXBXN black excellence network

Empowering Black employees to succeed and advance at every level is the cornerstone of RTX BXN. The community is cultivating Black leaders and fostering a spirit of belonging at the company.

RTXHOLA hispanic organization for leadership and advancement

Through its leadership development and educational opportunities, RTX HOLA contributes to building a multicultural workforce and community across the enterprise. This group provides resources and support for Hispanic employees to thrive and grow their careers at all levels across the company.

RTXNXGEN next generation professionals

RTX NXGEN is focused on helping early-career employees build the skills and networks that will help advance their careers at Raytheon Technologies – and to one day become the company’s next generation of leaders.

RTXPRIDE lgbtqa+ alliance

From providing support to those coming out, to creating a space where employees can discuss life experiences and find mentorship, RTX PRIDE plays an important role in developing an environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

RTXRAIN alliance of indigenous nations

RTX RAIN fosters an inclusive environment, provides a support network for Indigenous/Aboriginal employees and their allies, and promotes cultural awareness, education and professional development while building relationships with the American Indian community.

RTXVETS armed services community

As a community for former service members, family members and their supporters, RTX VETS helps support the military community at Raytheon Technologies.

RTXWISE women inspiring success and empowerment

RTX WISE connects women working at Raytheon Technologies with tools, resources and mentorship to help them advance and thrive at all levels across the company.

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