Supplier Performance Program

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Raytheon Technologies' customers demand that our suppliers be the best of the best. Together, our company and its suppliers can meet that demand, perform with unrivaled quality, deliver unsurpassed service and demonstrate complete commitment to excellence.

Performance+ is the new supplier performance program we use to serve our customers better than ever.

Mission statement

Enable a customer-focused value stream through supplier performance management using integrated process methods and tools to grow collaborative, strategic, and innovative relationships with our suppliers, drive performance excellence and competitive advantage.

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Recognition and awards

Suppliers across Raytheon Technologies are eligible to participate in the Performance+ recognition process which consists of two awards:

Supplier conference

Raytheon Technologies hosts an annual conference focused on sharing information about the enterprise, business unit strategies, aerospace and defense markets, and key supply chain initiatives. The 2020 Raytheon Technologies Global Supplier Conference focused on partnering together for a stronger future. Key speakers included:

  • Paolo Dal Cin, senior vice president, Operations and Supply Chain, Raytheon Technologies
  • Stephen Timm, president, Collins Aerospace
  • Wes Kremer, president, Raytheon Missiles & Defense
  • Sarfraz Nawaz, vice president, Supply Chain, Raytheon Technologies

Enterprise Supplier Advisory Council

This collaborative council provides a platform for discussion and feedback from Raytheon Technologies suppliers on key initiatives, issues and topics of mutual importance to the company and its supply base. The council consists of leaders from Raytheon Technologies supply chain and supplier quality, representing corporate and each of the business units, and a diverse group of supplier executives representing the company's supply base.
Supplier Representation

Supplier representation

The council consists of a diverse selection of suppliers.

RTX Representation

Raytheon Technologies representation

The council has supply chain and quality leadership from corporate and each business unit within Raytheon Technologies.