Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE)

ACE is the UTC operating system. It focuses on the drivers of competitive excellence — our people and our work processes. Our leadership and empowered employees work together to implement ACE practices in all of our activities across every UTC business to benefit our customers and shareowners. We focus on performing brilliantly through:

  • Focused customer centricity
  • Improving employee experience
  • Delivering best-in-class performance 
  • Innovating for the future

ACE has three elements at its core: culture, tools and competency. The daily interaction of each element used during the deployment methodology is what makes ACE an operating system. Results focus on improving quality, on-time delivery, highly engaged employees working in a safe environment and best-in-class financial returns.

We are committed to consistently delivering value to our customers, improving our employees' experience and meeting our financial promises to our shareowners.

How ACE Works:

How Ace Works