Real-Time Speech Processing Software for Human-Machine Interfaces

Cyrus speech-to-text & command extractor enables hands-free command & control and data entry, completely on-device, meaning the data is never sent to third parties. Users may define the grammar that specifies the allowable voice commands or phraseology recognized by the system.


  • Flexible language model (grammar or unconstrained and context-aware) allows full customization to specific applications.
  • Flexible deployment: online or offline; mobile devices, embedded processors and cloud servers; Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi and Android Team Awareness Kit.
  • Flexible control: supports multimodal control for combining speech with other modalities (gesture, gaze).
  • Highly extendable: keyword spotting, emotion detection, machine translation, language & speaker identification.
  • Noise robust.
  • Accent robust.
  • Extensible language support (20+ languages).
  • API for seamless application integration.


Cyrus’ wide and diverse range of deployments is a testament to its performance, advanced features, and flexible customization and installation. The deployments cover applications in training & simulation, command & control, dispatch & direction, and education.

  • Command & Control
  • Space
  • Education
Avionics and Air Traffic Control
  • UFA Inc: Voice-based simulators for Air Traffic Control training with deployments to FAA, USAF and various international Air Navigation Service Providers including DFS in Germany, NavCanada and LVNL in the Netherlands.
  • Collins: Automating air traffic control VHF communications for reducing pilot workload in single pilot planforms.
  • Collins: Measuring task performance in Advanced Battle Management Systems.
Command & Control Space Education

Licensing and Customization Services

Cyrus is available under perpetual, subscription and enterprise licenses and may be deployed on edge-devices, premises or in the cloud. RTX BBN Technologies also offers professional services for deployment, support for new languages and integration into other applications.