Distributed and scalable monitoring and analysis of foreign language Web sites, broadcast media, and social media

M3S is an end-to-end capability for collecting, translating, searching and organizing content from a range of media types in multiple languages. Sources include content from the World Wide Web, broadcast media, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook. M3S integrates and manages the media analysis process from beginning to end – from data collection and processing, to automated triage and retrieval, to machine-assisted translation and support for human translation, to export and dissemination. The system's automatic analysis of content supports effective retrieval and triage for human analysts who must deal with overwhelming volumes of continuously accumulating media.

  • Text analysis and automatic translation
  • Support for analysis
  • Support for social media
Multi-lingual data collection and extraction

M3S continuously captures content from user-selected sites, channels and social media users into an archive that can be shared by multiple distributed user groups. The captured media is archived and versioned for later use. Internal links are preserved in harvested Web pages so users can navigate within the archive.

Text analysis and automatic translation Support for analysis Support for social media


  • Web media: Processing of streaming Web video such as webcasts.
  • YouTube: Searching YouTube for videos of interest, then downloading and processing them.
  • Media indexing: Processing and management of user-imported audio and video files.
  • Entity summaries: Automatic generation of up-to-date information about a particular person or organization.

Development of the BBN Multimedia Monitoring System has been supported in part by the CTTSO Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and other U.S. government agencies.