The cutting edge of defense

As domains converge and connect, new threats and opportunities emerge. By giving service members every advantage for operational success, we create a safer world. It is this mission that drives our relentless innovation in defense technology.

With our integrated expertise and capabilities, Raytheon Technologies is uniquely positioned to give our customers the advantage in every moment.

Key facts

We draw on decades of investment in technology to protect our world. Here are just a few examples.

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pounds of thrust produced by the F135 fighter engine

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coverage delivered by LTAMDS radar to defeat next-generation threats

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operational hours of high energy laser weapon systems 

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lives (and counting) saved by the ACES family of ejection seats

Engineering for the sixth generation of engines

Mike Kiernan, program chief engineer at Pratt & Whitney, explains how Raytheon Technologies is delivering the engine superiority of fifth-generation fighters such as the F-35, while engineering for all aspects of the next generation.


All about the F-35


It's the world's most advanced fighter jet, and Raytheon Technologies produces much of the technology that helps it accomplish its many missions.

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Multi-domain operations

Building the U.S. military's 'internet of things' How Raytheon Technologies is bringing JADC2 to life

Data collected in one military domain is often useful in another. Our sensors and networks can connect those domains securely, delivering the intelligence that helps make the right decision at the right time.

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Air dominance

Today, with U.S. and allied fourth-generation fighters still in the skies, fifth-generation fighters fully operational and sixth-generation fighters under development, Raytheon Technologies is working to ensure all those aircraft – the past, present and those still to come – can fly and fight alongside one another to achieve what military experts call air dominance.

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Who we are

At Raytheon Technologies, we're accelerating ideas to solve some of the world's biggest challenges by bringing together the brightest, most innovative minds across aviation, space and defense.