Reimagining aviation

Whether at the airport, in the aircraft or in the sky, we are reimagining aviation for more sustainable flight. And through systems and solutions that link every hub of the aviation ecosystem, we’re helping our customers boost operational efficiency and make air travel more comfortable, predictable and efficient. 

Key facts

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of the world’s airspace managed by our systems

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1 billion+

gallons of fuel saved so far by GTF engine-powered aircraft

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of particles, including viruses, removed by our HEPA air filtration systems for airplanes

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solutions to move passengers through airports with minimal contact

Building sustainable aircraft engine technology

What will it take to make the commercial aviation industry carbon-neutral? Sean Bradshaw, a technical fellow at Pratt & Whitney, explains how we're developing multiple technologies to make aviation more sustainable.


Sustainable aviation

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No single technology will achieve the aviation industry's ambitious emissions goals. Our engineers are working to meet these goals through innovations in hydrogen-powered and hybrid electric aircraft, sustainable aviation fuels and improved fleet efficiency.

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Connected aviation ecosystem

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In aviation, data is everywhere. It comes from passengers tapping their phones to book travel, radars watching the weather and aircraft systems creating digital records of flights. Bringing all that data together to deliver insights to the right people at the right time is a concept we call the connected aviation ecosystem, and the result will be greater efficiency and smoother operations.

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Who we are

At Raytheon Technologies, we're accelerating ideas to solve some of the world's biggest challenges by bringing together the brightest, most innovative minds across aviation, space and defense.