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We draw upon decades of investment in technology to protect our world. Here are just a few examples.

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spacewalks in our space suits

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of all DoD and commercial space launches supported by Raytheon Technologies

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of DoD information assurance standards implemented on GPS-OCX, the highest level of cyber protection for any DoD space system

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years of experience supporting space exploration


The next generation space suit

Collins Aerospace designed the first space suit that allowed astronauts to walk on the moon, as well as the suit NASA astronauts currently use when operating outside the International Space Station. And when astronauts return to the moon, they can use new Collins-built space suits that are more mobile, easier to maintain and made to fit almost anyone.

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Gathering data on Earth and Mars


The Earth-observation instruments and next-generation software systems developed by Raytheon Intelligence & Space are providing critical information and managing enormous amounts of data gathered by the business' satellites and sensors in orbit. Those end-to-end space technologies are helping us predict weather patterns on Earth, secure military communications and explore Mars’ surface.

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In our digital engineering hubs, research labs and advanced manufacturing facilities, our teams are pushing the limits of known science. Our researchers, engineers and innovators are developing the capabilities needed to solve the space industry’s most complex problems of today – and to anticipate the solutions of tomorrow.

Who we are

At Raytheon Technologies, we're accelerating ideas to solve some of the world's biggest challenges by bringing together the brightest, most innovative minds across aviation, space and defense.