DevSecOps: Working for the future

As part of our software engineering culture, we’re always looking to develop software with the most up-to-date technologies and tools. That’s why we’re moving away from what is known as waterfall development – where you’re developing, integrating and deploying software in major releases – and moving to what we call DevSecOps, which stands for development, security and operations.

With DevSecOps, we’re continuously integrating and deploying software and evolving it in rapid iterations. This approach allows us to improve our productivity across the company. It also provides our customers with capabilities much faster to address changes they need to make in their products.

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Shadow of a plane flying over a lush green forest

Sustainable aviation

Our engineers are working to bend the emissions curve downward and meet the goal of net-zero carbon emissions through several paths: improved engine performance, hybrid electric propulsion and sustainable aviation fuels.

The data FORGE

When satellite data is sent to Earth, it’s a collection of zeroes and ones. Systems on the ground have to interpret that data into something readable and route it to one or hundreds or even thousands of users every hour.

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A scientist wearing safety glasses is adding a substance to stainless steel apparatus.

Raytheon Technologies Research Center

RTRC serves as the innovation hub of Raytheon Technologies – developing new technologies and solving the toughest challenges by facilitating the transfer of discoveries and capabilities across the company.

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