Building a satellite ground station

When satellite data is sent to Earth, it’s a collection of zeroes and ones. Systems on the ground have to interpret that data into something readable and route it to one or hundreds or even thousands of users. 

Now, imagine this process happening up to a thousand times an hour.

That’s what Raytheon Intelligence & Space's FORGE Mission Data Processing Application Framework does.

When the U.S. government hired Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a business of Raytheon Technologies, to construct the FORGE MDPAF framework, they needed it built as quickly as possible. So the team used the DevSecOps process to quickly launch a working solution.

“You don't go build a stack of paper drawings and imagine a system for five to seven years, and then eventually get it over to operations," said Karen Casey, technical director for Strategic Systems. "In our program, our job is to get this framework into operations as fast as possible."

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