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Asking better questions unlocks the power of innovation for the advancement of bold new technologies that improve our world. We are RTX — engineers, scientists, technologists and leaders who are redefining the future of aerospace and creating next-level defense solutions that keep people safe. See how RTX employees are solving our customer’s most complex challenges: 

Jose Romero-Mariona

How are we securing our connected world?

Amanda Varricchio

How can we inspire more girls to pursue STEM?

Venkat Vedula

What is the future of manufacturing?

Don Borchelt

How are next-generation ejection seats helping pilots when they need it most?

Andreas Roelofs

How does research inspire innovation?

How can you make sustainable the standard?

How can data be the difference?

How can multiple domains act as one?

How will we get to net zero by 2050?

How can connecting everything help us soar?

How can you own the sky?