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Our suppliers are critical business partners that meet our expectations for business practices, environmental responsibility and operational excellence. We count on them to meet the same high standards for quality, delivery, cost and customer satisfaction that we place on ourselves.

This page is intended to provide all UTC suppliers with direct COVID-19 related communication from UTC, as well as access to other relevant resources of information.
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Supplier Performance Program

Performance Plus - partnering for a stronger future

The merger of Raytheon Company and United Technologies created a unique opportunity to harmonize two best in class supplier performance programs: Supplier Excellence and Supplier Gold. We were able to leverage the best practices of both programs to create a world-class program called Performance +.

Doing business with UTC

At UTC, we are committed to setting clear expectations for each of our product and service suppliers.

Our Supplier Diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Program is focused on establishing relationships with qualified suppliers that fall into the diverse categories as defined. Developing these relationships not only brings value to our company, but also to our communities. At UTC, we are committed to our Supplier Diversity Program and recognize it as an essential part of our success. In 2018, UTC spent over $4 billion with first tier suppliers in all diverse categories, representing approximately 24 percent of its U.S. spend.
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Diverse Business Designations
Certifying organizations

Other definitions

  Contact the UTC Supplier Diversity Office: [email protected]