These documents employ, as a foundation, SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100 requirements and are supplemented by UTC member requirements as defined in the documents listed below.

In an effort to standardize the use and application of the common Quality system requirements, all suppliers of UTC Aerospace members must comply with the documents contained herein. UTC Aerospace members reserve the right to flow down additional requirements to satisfy specific customer and/or business requirements that will apply only to the UTC member.


UTC Aerospace members using one or more of these documents are:

     Collins Aerospace

     Pratt & Whitney — P&W

     Pratt & Whitney Canada — P&WC

UTC Aerospace Supplier Quality Requirements Description and Documentation

Supplier Quality System Requirements

ASQR-01 defines supplier quality requirements for manufacturing organizations and applies to suppliers and all members of their supply chain who furnish product, material, processes, and services.

Suppliers must now comply with ASQR-01 Rev 11.  On January 1, 2023 Revision 12 will be in effect and Revision 11 will be removed.

Supplier Quality System Requirements for Maintenance Organizations

ASQR-02 provides specific UTC member supplier quality system requirements for maintenance organizations and applies to suppliers and all members of their supply chain, that provide UTC member product and/or maintenance services.

Control of Software

ASQR-07.5 establishes a common framework for software life cycle processes. It contains processes, activities and tasks that are to be applied during the development, operation and maintenance of deliverable and non-deliverable software products.

Flight Safety Parts Program

ASQR-09.1 defines unique requirements for the control of flight safety parts. It supplements but does not replace other UTC business entity requirements. This document is not to be confused with UTCQR-09.1 below which defines process certification requirements.

UTC Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

ASQR-09.2 defines requirements for validating a manufacturing or assembly process which produces parts for a United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Member company.

The purpose of the specification is to ensure that all Member engineering and quality requirements are understood and fulfilled and that the manufacturing processes have been proven to consistently meet these requirements at the intended production rate by integrating upfront quality planning utilizing APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) principals.

Supplier Sampling Requirements

ASQR-20.1 details the requirements for supplier sampling and/or distributor inspection of selected characteristics as permitted by this procedure for product, material or services supplied to a UTC member company.

Process Control Requirements

UTCQR-09.1 defines the minimum criteria to establish an acceptable process control system. This requirement defines the process control criteria as agreed upon by the UTC Process Control Council. This document is applied both internally and in the supply base.

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