Meeting the U.S. Army’s imperative for overmatch – an overwhelming advantage over adversaries – takes a broad set of advanced technologies. RTX delivers them.

At this year’s AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, representatives from the company will showcase the systems that are transforming the modern battlespace. It’s all part of the work RTX’s three businesses – Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney and Raytheon – do every day to answer the biggest questions and solve the hardest problems in aerospace and defense.

Delivering for the U.S. Army

RTX is providing the U.S. Army with technologies in areas including directed energy, networking, missile defense and modernization. Here are some examples:

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targets downed with High Energy Laser

Icon - Targeting system


LTAMDS radars advancing through testing; more than 12 countries showing interest in the system

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of networks connected into one global network

Icon representing countries on a globe


years pioneering avionics open systems architecture

LTAMDS radar shines in first tests

The LTAMDS radar at a test facility.

The new radar proves its mettle against drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

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Making the connected battlespace a reality

Military car in the desert

Data collected in one military domain is often useful in another. Our sensors and networks can connect those domains securely, delivering the intelligence that helps make the right decision at the right time.

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Meet the U.S. Army’s LIDS: A sure shot against drones

The Coyote unmanned aircraft system streaks skyward during a flight test.

The KuRFS radar and Coyote effector work together to detect and defeat unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Three keys to overmatch for Future Vertical Lift

An Army officer conversing with a civilian over an interactive table

The U.S. Army requires nothing less than the most advanced technological solutions for Future Vertical Lift – the largest rotorcraft development program in the last 50 years.

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