Raytheon’s high-energy laser systems use photons, or particles of light, to carry out military missions and civil defense. This directed energy technology enables detection of threats, tracking during maneuvers, and positive visual identification to defeat a wide range of threats, including unmanned aerial systems, rockets, artillery and mortars.

US Army Stryker mounter laser


See how Raytheon Technologies laser weapons protect people and assets against short-range aerial threats.

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Our laser systems are operational now

In 2019, the U.S. Air Force deployed our first High-Energy Laser Weapon System, HELWS, overseas, and it has more than 25,000 hours of operation. Certified for use in combat, multiple additional systems are now in theater. 

The right defense for a range of targets

Raytheon laser weapon systems work on land, in the air and at sea, providing 360-degree coverage that protects bases, airports, stadiums and other high-value military or civilian targets. The system’s open architecture adapts to the demands of the mission, while ruggedized packaging means it can be used as a standalone system or rapidly installed on a variety of military platforms. Raytheon has successfully completed full installation and testing on Army combat vehicles as well as an Apache attack helicopter.

Cost-effective solution for countering drones, rockets, artillery and mortars

HEL is an affordable and viable option to protect military and critical infrastructure, and rapidly defeat threats. With a low cost-per-shot ratio, lasers offer a nearly infinite number of shots, minimal logistics and precision accuracy with very low collateral damage. It is an affordable alternative to traditional munitions.

Raytheon High-Energy Lasers

  • Rapid Integration
  • Modular
  • Commonality
  • Automated cueing to target from a full spectrum of electro-optical/infrared sensors, reducing operator workload and time of engagement.
  • Scalable power level to respond to different threat types and extend reach to tactically relevant ranges.
  • Proven reliability and production readiness.
Rapid Integration Modular Commonality

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