The Future of Aerospace and Defence in Canada

Looking through an airplane window at Ottawa, Canada

Raytheon Technologies has been an integral part of Canada’s aerospace and defence industry for nearly a century.

This history of investment and partnership began with the founding of Canadian Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company, Ltd. in 1928 as a service center for aircraft engines. Now called Pratt & Whitney Canada, the business is joined in-country by Collins Aerospace, Raytheon Canada and Raytheon ELCAN, which were established in the 1950s.


Combining complementary technology offerings and world-class engineering, Raytheon Technologies delivers innovative solutions for commercial aerospace and defence customers in Canada and throughout the world.


As one of the highest-grossing aerospace and defence companies in Canada, Raytheon Technologies is the country’s largest contributor of research and development in the A&D sector. With facilities across the country, Raytheon Technologies provides thousands of highly skilled jobs, significant community support and advanced technology that enables a more secure, connected and sustainable future for Canada.

A focal point for defence, sustainable aviation and community building

They’re working toward a sustainable aviation industry. They’re meeting the Canadian military’s call for integrated defence – not just vehicles and platforms, but all the systems that go along with them. And they’re helping local communities grow.

For Raytheon Technologies’ Canadian businesses, there’s a lot to be excited about as they begin realizing the advantages of the 2020 merger that brought Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Raytheon Canada and Raytheon ELCAN under one roof.