Harnessing the power of the world’s most advanced missiles and interceptors to defeat threats ranging from sophisticated ballistic missiles to crude rockets and mortars.

SM-6 missile.

SM- 6 Missile

The SM-6® missile destroys cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in their final stage of flight from land or at sea.
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Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle.

Kill Vehicles

Kill vehicles use sensors, lenses and rocket thrusters to pick out warheads, steer into their paths and destroy long-range ballistic missiles in space.

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Countering threats across domains, sea-, ground- and space-based sensors that detect, discriminate and track threats wherever they are.

Over the Horizon Radar

Next Generation Over-the-Horizon Radar

Raytheon brings forth the Next Generation Over-the-Horizon Radar, designed with increased sensitivity, when compared to legacy OTHRs, to detect advanced threats. 
Upgraded Early Warning Radar

UEWR: Upgraded Early Warning Radar

The Upgraded Early Warning Radar provides early detection and precise tracking of incoming ballistic missiles, as well as quick, accurate determination of threat versus non-threat objects.

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