Lower Tier

Expanding the battlespace with advanced sensors and proven effectors designed to see farther, from all directions, to detect and defend against complex and evolving threats.

Medium Range

Proven systems and innovative solutions for a comprehensive defense against a wide variety of threats, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

GhostEye MR deployed trailer in front of a mountain range

GhostEye® Family of Radars: GhostEye MR

The GhostEye® MR radar is a 360-degree surveillance and fire control sensor designed to detect, track and identify a wide variety of threats including cruise missiles, drones, fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

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Missiles fire from NASAMS launcher.


The NASAMS™ system, which is the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System,  offers air defenders a highly adaptable, medium-range solution for any operational air defense requirement.

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Sentinel radar perched up on a hill.

Sentinel Radar

The AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel is a radar that alerts front-line air-defense weapons whenever it sees hostile planes, helicopters, drones or missiles.

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Short Range

When seconds count, ground forces need to rely on advanced systems, proven effective to detect and defeat land and aerial threats before they get close enough to do harm.

Stinger missile being deployed from a launcher on top of a vehicle

Stinger Missile

The Stinger® missile is a short-range air defense system that can be shoulder-launched or fired from a helicopter or ground launcher, and it's equipped with a proximity fuse to counter drone threats.
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Our portfolio of sensors and effectors, integrated into a command-and-control system, covers the complete counter-UAS mission.

The Coyote unmanned aircraft system streaks skyward during a flight test.


The Coyote® unmanned aircraft system uses an advanced seeker and warhead to down drones with a drone.

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The Ku-band Radio Frequency System, or KuRFS, is a precision 360 degree, multi-mission radar ideally suited for Counter-UAS missions.

Ku-band Radio Frequency Sensor

The Ku-band Radio Frequency Sensor is a 360-degree radar that provides persistent detection, identification and tracking of airborne threats - from rockets, artillery and mortars to all classes of drones.

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Buggy mounted HEL system

High-Energy Lasers

Raytheon's high-energy laser systems use photons, or particles of light, to carry out military missions and civil defense.

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