Discovering the uncharted

From the computer that guided Apollo 11 to the moon, to the spacesuits of the first U.S. astronauts – Raytheon Technologies has shaped the history of space technology. These achievements continue to define generations of space exploration.

Today, the technologies we build for space are advancing life here on Earth and beyond. Our satellites and systems for real-time space-based imaging inform and accelerate decisions and enable the next great scientific discovery in outer space. And our life support systems help take people there safely.

Moments that matter

Our end-to-end space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs. Here are a few examples ...

Shawn Cochran is engineering the moments that matter in space technology

How can we better observe weather and climate patterns on earth? Shawn Cochran explains how our satellites provide an almost real-time look at what’s happening on our planet.

Moments we're made for

When word came down that the United States was planning to send people back to the moon, Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies business, got right to work.

The business began sketching out what the new spacesuit would need to do, how it would work – and how to build it in time for the new lunar mission in 2024.


At this very moment, there's a rover on Mars looking for signs of ancient life – and two Raytheon Technologies businesses are contributing to the mission.

The next giant leap

On the moon, astronauts face hazards ranging from extreme temperature fluctuations to dust that is composed of tiny glasslike shards.

It will take new technologies to face those hazards. Futuristic spacesuits, life systems for space capsules, and advanced, earthbound training for astronauts are being developed by Raytheon Technologies. 

Our capabilities

Our space technologies are essential for global commerce, scientific discovery and national security.

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