Interns in motion

Exploring innovation and engineering in global defense

In a world where COVID has delayed or paused many summer initiatives, the Raytheon internship program marches on with interns collaborating on engineering projects, creating business solutions, and solving complex problems. They select data language interfaces by reimagining composability reports. They do compliance analysis. They work on projects to improve the efficiency of new customer trainings. 

In honor of National Intern Day, we celebrate all of our interns and thank them for the value they bring to our business and into our lives. National Intern Day began in 2017 as a holiday to recognize interns. 

As Raytheon, one of four business of Raytheon Technologies, came together as a defense powerhouse, Wes Kremer, the head of the business charted a course for the future. Kremer believes in trailblazing new approaches and pushing boundaries of innovation, and “creating a future that is more of your making.”

Unique views and voices

The business has more than 500 interns from more than 100 different schools. Approximately 40% of interns are working remotely and had the opportunity to attend 20 virtual events created specifically for remote interns. The majority of interns begin the program toward the end of spring, in late May or early June and work until August.

They are global interns sharing unique perspectives and different styles of solving problems, which lends to the diversity our leaders believe makes the company strong. Interns bring fresh and visionary thinking with them into their work. For example, they get to work on projects that match their specific interests from engineering and supply chain efforts to marketing and finance, including shadowing mentors from different mission areas. 

They care about inclusion and collaboration.

“I wanted to work for a company that consistently challenged my skillset, and allowed me to contribute to their mission of leading innovation in defense,” said Didier Carreon, an electrical component technologies intern.

New perspectives

“Since Raytheon Missiles & Defense is a growing company, it is great to be able to collaborate with employees from other departments and get different perspectives,” said Kerri Welch, an electrical subsystems intern.

“I chose to intern at Raytheon because of the values of the company as well as the work they do to make the world a safer place,” said Nika Nguyen, a global supply chain intern.

“I always wanted to work in aerospace or defense. However, the top tier products, prestigious reputation, and the inclusive culture were the three main selling points of Raytheon for me,” said Tyron Downing, an engineering intern.

“I chose to intern at Raytheon because of the diversity of the work and Raytheon’s commitment to developing young engineers,” said Vijay Prasad, a systems design intern.