Day or night, on land or at sea and in all weather conditions, Raytheon's Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite (EISS) on the Global Hawk air vehicle pinpoints stationary or moving targets with unparalleled accuracy. It transmits imagery and position information from 60,000 feet with near real-time speed and dramatic clarity — empowering warfighters to respond quickly and decisively.

The Raytheon-built EISS enables Global Hawk to scan large geographic areas and produce outstanding high-resolution reconnaissance imagery. To provide Global Hawk with its broad sensing, night vision and radar detection capabilities, EISS combines a cloud-penetrating synthetic aperture radar (SAR) antenna with a ground moving target indicator (GMTI), a high resolution electro-optical (EO) digital camera and an infrared (IR) sensor. A common signal processor, acting as an airborne super-computer, ensures that all elements work together.

Complementing Raytheon's powerful sensors, multi-INT enhancements are available to supplement the aircraft's already superior electronics. These include communications, signals, and electronics intelligence capabilities (COMINT, SIGINT, ELINT) that increase the aircraft's mission adaptability.

Using the coordinates of a signal's location, our military customers can engage sensors, and even weapons systems, to direct network-centric operations and intelligence.