Our engineers are experts in non-kinetic defense systems and advancing how to layer this technology with our traditional defenses.

How HPM Works

High-Power Microwave dish emitting beam, ground based in barren region

Step 1

The high-power microwave emits high-peak-power radio frequency waves in the direction of a target.

rendering of HPM beam

Step 2

The RF waves travel at the speed of light and spread out as they travel, creating a "web" of energy.

rendering of HPM beam disabling UAV

Step 3

When the waves reach the target, the energy causes instantaneous failure of the electronic components. 

Defense in Depth

Affordable, near-continuous engagement with directed energy

Icon depicting money
Reverses cost-exchange ratio
An infographic icon of a gear.
Able to integrate and collaborate with existing kinetic weapons and fire control

Provides area air defense against a diverse set of threats

An infographic icon.
Effectively infinite magazine at low cost
An infographic icon to depict energy.
Mix of kinetic and directed energy offers new options for shooting doctrines

Speed of Light Effect

High-Power Microwaves play a key role in America’s layered defense strategy and are cost-effective, reliable solutions. This technology will help defend against peer threats and support our frontline troops by defeating airborne threats at the speed of light. HPMs provide instantaneous target interaction, can engage threats multiple times and prevent the need for defensive maneuvers.

RTX’s CHIMERA high-power microwave system excels during three-week field test


Raytheon's High Power Microwave Systems and recent technical developments

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