Precision target engagement

The JSOW® weapon, also called Joint Standoff Weapon, is the U.S. Navy's newest medium-range, precision strike standoff system. It’s the first air-launched, network-enabled weapon to be used on fourth- and fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

JSOW comprises a family of low-cost, air-to-ground missiles that use a GPS-inertial navigation system and thermal imaging infrared seeker.

C-1 variant

The JSOW C-1 weapon is the world’s first network-enabled missile, packing a range of more than 100 kilometers. A two-way Strike Common Weapon Datalink has been added to the low-cost, combat-proven missile. It gives fleet forces the flexibility to engage moving maritime targets while retaining effectiveness against stationary land targets.

This variant adds a weapon datalink radio and modified seeker software to bolster anti-surface warfare missions.