The Guidance Enhanced Missile, or GEM-T, is one of the Patriot® missile variants available to both U.S. forces and international customers. The GEM-T missile provides improved ability to defeat tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or enemy aircraft in complement to the PAC-3 missile.

A modernized, digital fuze eliminates obsolescence and introduces significant performance improvements against tactical ballistic missile targets. This design increases sensitivity for improved performance against high-speed tactical ballistic missile targets. The low-noise front end of the GEM-T has increased seeker sensitivity for better acquisition and tracking. The new low-noise oscillator has a modified down-link, which provides a higher signal-to-interference ratio, improving acquisition and tracking of small airborne threats and cruise missiles in clutter.

The Configuration-3 ground equipment, PAC-3 and GEM-T series of missiles were proven in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom.