360-degree Situational Awareness on any platform

The Raytheon Distributed Aperture System, RDAS, gives pilots 360-degree spherical situational awareness, turning night into day and providing passive missile detection, autonomous threat tracking and obstacle avoidance. RDAS is platform agnostic and tailorable to multiple platforms – from rotary wing to fighter jet to unmanned aerial vehicle and beyond.

Using the same next-generation technology as the Electro Optical Distributed Aperture System used on F-35 fighters, RDAS employs multiple high-resolution infrared sensors mounted around a platform to produce 360-degree spherical imagery to allow pilots and crew members to “look through” the airframe using a helmet-mounted display.

Turning night into day

RDAS turns the night into day – providing pilots with the ability to see in the dark without the need for night vision goggles. The system’s large focal plane array boasts best-in-class detection range and resolution, even in cluttered environments.

Enhanced Survivability

RDAS autonomously detects, tracks, and warns about any incoming threats with infrared signatures, relieving crew workload and providing enhanced survivability. High-resolution imagery provides protection from both air- and surface-launched missiles; the 360-degree imagery with high visual acuity aids pilots in obstacle avoidance.