Countering the Growing Ballistic Missile Threat

The AN/TPY-2 is a missile defense radar that can detect, track and discriminate ballistic missiles.

It operates in the X-band of the electromagnetic spectrum. This enables it to see targets more clearly and distinguish between an actual menace and non-threats, like launch debris.

Two Modes, One Steady Defense

AN/TPY-2 can operate in two modes: Forward-based mode and Terminal mode.

In Forward-based mode, the radar detects ballistic missiles after they are launched.

In Terminal mode, the radar helps guide interceptors toward a descending missile to defeat the threat. Most notably when operating in Terminal mode, AN/TPY-2 leads the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ballistic missile defense system by guiding the THAAD missile.

Proven Performance Against Ballistic Missiles

AN/TPY-2 has a record of flawless performance against all classes of ballistic missiles.