Revolutionary EO/IR Intelligent Sensing

RAIVEN is a next-generation EO/IR product- and platform- agnostic family architecture harnessing the power of advanced technologies like hyperspectral, lidar and artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented targeting, battlespace awareness, range and visual superiority in contested and highly contested environments. 

It enables the warfighter to see farther and faster than ever before, delivering up to five times the detection, recognition, and identification range over traditional optical imaging performance – providing targeting, bolstering survivability and combat overmatch ensuring mission success.

The RAIVEN product family is platform agnostic, scalable and tailorable to any platform or installation – from airborne, to ground and sea applications. The RAIVEN architecture and technology are applicable across a wide array of mission spaces, customers and platforms. It enables new product variants, such as turrets, pods and embedded systems. Its open systems architecture leverages common standards and common parts enabling seamless replacement, upgrades or updates of components.

Built upon the successes of the combat-proven Multi-spectral Targeting System product family of sensors, the RAIVEN product family offers more integrated capability than ever before – within the same SWaP.

As part of the RAIVEN product family, the first instantiation -- RT-1000 -- can support a wide array of missions, including the Army’s Future Vertical Life modernization effort.

RAIVEN missions include:

  • Multi-domain operations
  • Near to peer/peer to peer fights
  • Maritime applications, including Humanitarian/search and rescue for civilian and defense
  • Camouflaged threats (terrestrial or maritime)
  • Deep look
  • GPS denied missions
  • High Value Airborne Asset Protection (HVAAP)
  • Ground-based air defense
RAIVEN platform and served infographic