Thousands of satellites are orbiting Earth each day helping people communicate, navigate, detect wildfires and predict the weather. But their effectiveness has a limit – most satellites on orbit today have a unique ground control station to collect and process its data. It’s simply not cost-effective to procure a new ground station every time a satellite launches. Through a single ground system, and now, with SEAKR Engineering, processing at the edge, Raytheon can increase the speed and fidelity of data collection.

Incoming data and technology updates to support that data are rapidly changing. Our rapid-delivery model can handle volume and complexity because of an open and flexible software base. It allows the ground control system software to be scalable, whether it’s one satellite in need of an update or a thousand.

Raytheon’s constellation management solutions pull all of a customer’s satellite data together to make activity-based, data-driven predictions, leaving time for intelligent decisions. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to provide customers the ability to securely extract the highest amount of value from their on-orbit assets, increasing the amount of usable data a satellite collects. What we’re building isn’t theoretical. Managing multiple satellites from one ground system is available today.