Versatile defense at sea

For over 50 years, the ESSM Missile has set the standard for an international production and development program addressing the needs of both participating navies and third-party customers. 

This effector is deployed at sea today in multiple combat system, radar, fire control and launcher configurations. It provides reliable ship self-defense capability against agile, high-speed, low-altitude anti-ship cruise missile; low velocity air threats, such as helicopters; and high-speed, maneuverable surface threats.

The ESSM Block 1 weapon is part of a 10-nation international cooperative development program between the U.S., NATO partner nations and Australia and is a kinematic upgrade to the RIM-7P SeaSparrow Missile that leverages U.S. guidance technology.

With more than 330 live firings at sea, the ESSM weapon is a thoroughly tested ship self-defense missile against a stressing and wide-ranging set of air and surface targets.

See ESSM missiles in action with the Royal Canadian Navy

ESSM turret missile launch

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