Our modern radars can detect multiple threat types, scan sea to sky and communicate for distributed operations.

Software Defined Apertures

Our Advanced Technology team is designing the future of radars to be:

  • Digitally Transformed
  • Upgradeable
Multi Mission

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Harnessing the full capabilities of the RF spectrum to use a single radar for multiple missions without significant change to the software baseline.

Digitally Transformed Upgradeable
An infographic that shows a ship-based sensor detecting different airborne threats.


Raytheon is creating new, software-defined apertures using the full potential of the radio frequency spectrum to handle multiple missions in any domain

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RTX expanding distributed sensing capability to LTAMDS

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High Frequency Sensing

Our Advanced Technology team is leveraging the unique principles of high frequency to develop new long-range kill chains for the Department of Defense.

  • Beyond Conventional Range
  • Flexibility
Over-the-Horizon Capability

Doświadczenie i innowacyjność wspierają plany modernizacji wojska w Polsce
Either with radar-to-radar communications that bounce off the troposphere, or as a high-frequency radar leveraging the ionosphere to sense at extraordinary ranges.

Beyond Conventional Range Flexibility
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