RCADE, or the Raytheon Campaign Analysis and Demonstration Environment, is a campaign-level modeling and simulation capability that expands the scope and scale of defense analysis. It will help leading defense minds uncover solutions that will achieve mission success. RCADE illuminates the big picture so military leaders can take on their most challenging mission problems.

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Can this new simulator be a proving ground for JADC2?

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The RCADE Difference

As part of Raytheon’s integrated suite of modeling and simulation tools, RCADE provides a view of the full theater of operations. Built for speed, scale and flexibility, RCADE is a game-changing strategic capability.

  • Scale
  • Flexibility

Analyze more variables, consider more scenarios, trade more options.

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With the ability to analyze and iterate quickly, RCADE not only delivers answers faster, it encourages a greater level of analysis and exploration than previously possible.


Scale Flexibility

What sets RCADE apart

Designed for unbiased assessments

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Solves mission challenges across domains, platforms and solutions
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Uses rapid operational-level Monte Carlo assessment of system-of-systems concepts

Fueled with powerful inputs

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Gains insight from analyses fed by real-world models and data
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Thousands of entities, 1000x real-time execution speed

Powered by exceptional expertise

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Taps into expertise from the defense industry's best engineers and data scientists
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Employs a dedicated team of 225-plus employees in six states