Advanced undersea technology

The MK 54 lightweight torpedo is the primary anti-submarine warfare weapon used by U.S. Navy surface ships, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Designed to operate in shallow waters and in the presence of countermeasures, it can track, classify and attack underwater targets. 

Collaborate to innovate

To replace the aging fleet of torpedoes, the Navy worked with Raytheon  to design and develop an improved lightweight torpedo. The MK 54 combines the advanced sonar transceiver of the MK 50 torpedo with the legacy warhead and propulsion system of the older MK 46.

Rigorous testing

It has undergone over 25,000 high-fidelity simulation runs at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island. The MK 54 was also put through its paces and exceeded expectations during in-water testing.