Life and work in Tucson

Employees share their perspectives and favorite places in and around the city that's home to Raytheon

Tucson, Arizona is a great place to live and work. It consistently ranks among the United States’ top locations for innovation, tech talent, affordability and climate. Plus, it’s nationally recognized for its abundance of culinary, cultural and outdoor activities.

The largest city in southern Arizona is the headquarters of its largest private employer: Raytheon, an RTX business. More than 12,000 people work in Tucson for Raytheon. They’re problem solvers who contribute their expertise to advance the company’s end-to-end solutions that detect, track and engage threats to the U.S. and its allies.

Most of the company’s open positions are in engineering, operations and supply chain categories, but the company is also hiring talented people for finance, digital technology, contracts and legal roles.

To encourage employees’ professional development, Raytheon offers tuition assistance at higher education institutions, such as the University of Arizona. And, for a city that’s known as a tech hub and talent magnet, Raytheon provides robust relocation packages that can include temporary housing and transportation of household goods and automobiles.

In addition, the company and its employees support their local community. They’re partnered with Pima JTED in Tucson, courses for high-schoolers interested in technology careers. Other opportunities that make a difference include mentorships for military veterans, scholarships and volunteer efforts in STEM programs, local food banks and vegetable gardens.

So, with all this in mind, head to our careers site to explore opportunities in the diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace at Raytheon in Tucson.

But first, check out this pictorial featuring employees who live and work in the city.

An employee is shown hiking in Gates Pass.

Felicia, a U.S. Air Force veteran from Brooklyn, New York, shown here hiking in Gates Pass. She joined Raytheon to work in cybersecurity and compliance: “It is the place for technology, engineering, diversity and – with its relatively low cost of living – for upward mobility!” Plus, Felicia appreciates the company’s “military friendly environment.” She’s a member of several employee resource groups, including the one for military veterans, family members and their supporters: “This helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of what is interesting and fun, and gives me openings to help in my community.”

Two side-by-side images showing an employee in the office and downtown Tucson.

Rukiya, a program manager, relocated from Detroit to join Raytheon because she wanted to shift her career from the automotive industry to defense and aerospace: “I believe the work supports a noble cause. It's interesting and challenging.” Like many of her colleagues, Rukiya received relocation assistance and says the relatively low cost of living in Tucson was a factor in her move, as were the lifestyle and weather. While she enjoys downtown spots such as the Rialto Theatre, Rukiya also likes hiking the many nearby trails and exploring the Desert Museum and Botanical Gardens: “These places are very serene, full of wildlife and beautiful desert landscapes.” Her advice to newcomers: “Explore the city as a tourist to get to know the environment you live in.”

Two people walk side by side

(l-r) Software engineer Jim (left) walks with Rukiya around the historic train depot in Tucson. Jim, who moved from Houston, TX, says “it’s relatively easy to make friends in Tucson, compared to many other cities, due to its inherently quirky ethos and pride in not being a soulless metro area.” The company paid his relocation expenses, and Jim adds that “Tucson’s cost of living is one of the best in the country. That played a significant role in my choosing to accept the job.”

While hiking, two people take in a view of the Tucson valley.

While hiking, (l-r) Felicia and Jim look down on a valley that’s home to Old Tucson Studios, dubbed “Hollywood in the Desert.” Felicia describes the atmosphere in and around Tucson as “very beautiful and light. We’re surrounded by mountains,” Felicia says. “There’s so much to do, so many places to go, the food is amazing, and the weather allows everyone to enjoy being outdoors for literally any reason. And having a three-day weekend every other week is fantastic.” 

Two employees chatting in the office.

Curtis (left, with Karla at right) started as an intern at the company in 2001. Now a software engineer, he’s even more committed to the mission: “Doing work that benefits our country, and, more importantly, the warfighter, is a privilege and an honor. It’s extremely rewarding.” Curtis, who’s from Arizona, says the flexibility of his schedule is “a massive benefit,” giving him more time with his family and on his hobbies, adding that the Tucson area offers plentiful opportunities to hunt, camp and fish.

Two employees walk down the hall of our Tucson office.

(l-r) Program manager Rukiya says having alternate Fridays off “is one of the best benefits, which I have not experienced at any other company.” Systems engineer Kalynn agrees: “Every second Friday off helps me to plan long weekends and vacations to maximize my PTO usage. The flexibility means I can run those errands that are harder to do on the weekend.” Kalynn, who is from Seattle, WA, says an employee resource group helped her meet people and feel a part of the community. She plays soccer and kickball while also hiking and going out for trivia events, among many other activities. “It soon became apparent how nice it was to live in Tucson due to the cost of living,” she says. “I was able to save up enough my first year in Tucson that I bought a house.”

Three side-by-side images show two people hiking in Sentinel Peak in Tucson.

(l-r) Lexi and Devin often spend time at Sentinel Peak. It’s a prominent landmark, hiking trail, park and sunset-watching destination in the Tucson Mountains. When Lexi joined Raytheon as a talent recruiter, she “couldn’t have been happier that it was in my hometown. I love everything about Tucson – the culture, the amazing food and the close-knit community!” Devin, also Tucson born-and-raised, is a mechanical engineer and a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve: “When I go on active duty orders for training and deployments, the company has been extremely supportive.”

Three friends enjoy the popular Mural Walk in Tucson.

Tucson is renowned for its numerous murals. Here (l-r) Lexi, Su-Yee and Nick enjoy the popular Mural Walk, which extends across the city. Su-Yee, who works in signal processing and systems engineering, says she lives by a “work hard/play hard” philosophy and likes that “Tucson provides a good variety of unique food options.” She relocated, with company assistance, from California because the company “offers a variety of different opportunities,” and the flexible Fridays “are a big driver” because they give her more time to travel.

A man hiking through Gates Pass in Tucson

Nick, hiking in Gates Pass, loves the plentiful scenic locations in Arizona. The software engineer’s favorite trail is in Madera Canyon: “Anyone who enjoys a challenge will go there. The best part is the view from the summit, looking into Mexico where you can see stunning, untouched forests.” Another fun location is University Boulevard. “There are many bars on that single street, including my favorite, where I enjoy good food, drinks and games with my friends. And, just a few hundred feet away, is the Centennial Hall on the University of Arizona campus, which stages excellent performances.” Nick received a relocation bonus for his move from California and says, “the cost of living is pretty nice.”

Three employees sit together in a meeting room

(l-r) Nathan, pictured here with Rukiya and Karla, says his work as a software engineer “creates an always-changing and challenging environment, which keeps the job from being boring and pushes you to constantly be better at what you do each day.” For Karla, a department leader from New Mexico, “what drives me and my team in our work is the overall desire to provide a high-quality, robust product to our warfighters who protect our freedom.” Born and raised in Tucson, Nathan adds that, “while Tucson is growing, it still has a smaller town atmosphere. Tucson is diverse and there are lots of ways to find community.” Karla also appreciates Tucson’s “small town/big city feel and the diversity of culture across the entire city.”

Three people walk together through downtown Tucson

(l-r) Sarah, Felix and Heather walk through Tucson’s bustling downtown. Filled with restaurants, shops, historic sites and museums, it’s a magnet for locals and tourists alike.  Felix, a mechanical engineer, came to Tucson from California and “fell in love with the place. It was warm and sunny, the plant life was so different, the food was delicious and diverse, and I was surrounded by people who loved the outdoors and slower pace of life.” Heather, a systems engineer and U.S. Navy veteran from Michigan, agrees: “You’ll never be bored in Tucson. It’s a gem for outdoor adventurers: so many amazing hikes, bike trails and walking paths, and I get to enjoy my favorite activities year-round.”

Two side-by-side images of employees being active.

Cyber security and compliance technologist Felicia (left) and Jim, a software engineer, (right) bike and run along The Loop, which scored the top recreational trail ranking in USA Today’s 2021 “10 Best Readers’ Choice List.” As Jim says, “there’s a plethora of things to do: mountain and road biking, rock climbing, hiking, and plenty of public land for other activities.” Both of them make the most of their alternate Fridays off. While Felicia and her family use the long weekends to explore neighboring states, Jim values how they help with vacation plans and allow for on-the-fly changes in his day-to-day life.

Three side-by-side images showing groups of people enjoying the dining options in Tucson.

St. Philip’s Plaza is a Tucson landmark. The historic European-style district downtown is a mecca for dining, shopping and entertainment. That suits Rob, a software configuration manager (in checked shirt) who relocated from Indiana: “I like trying new restaurants, heading to beer and wine festivals, or just enjoying the outdoors – hitting trails for hiking, off-roading and horse riding.” And, though Rob’s move to Tucson coincided with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, “we settled in a friendly neighborhood and got very close to our neighbors who grew up here. We celebrate our differences and learn from each other.” On this day, Rob was hanging out in St. Philip’s Plaza with RMD colleagues Jim, Felicia, Devin and Lexi. 

If you’d like to find out how you could join the Tucson team of Raytheon, check out our careers site to explore the opportunities.