There's more than one way to down a drone. From hard kills to cyber takeovers, Raytheon Missiles & Defense delivers effects tailored to the environment and the threat.

Products & Services

An unmanned aircraft called a Coyote flying in the sky

Coyote UAS

The Coyote® unmanned aircraft system uses an advanced seeker and warhead to down drones with a drone.

Radar on the top of a container being towed by a flatbed truck

Phaser High-Power Microwave

The Phaser™ high-power microwave system uses directed energy to disrupt guidance systems, instantly sweeping single drones or swarms from the sky.

Stinger missile being deployed from a launcher on top of a vehicle

Stinger Missile

The Stinger® missile is equipped with a proximity fuse to destroy drones with a direct hit or nearby detonation.