Raytheon’s iFox-3 provides the ability to track equipment and to centrally manage assets, which is critical to mission execution and operational effectiveness. iFox-3 is a satellite-based tracking and asset-recovery device that can be overtly or covertly embedded on a wide variety of host platforms for superior on-the-move monitoring.

The Fox Product Family

Today’s mission requirements demand reliable solutions that enable secure connectivity and real-time team situational awareness for operations worldwide. The Fox series of asset tracking and control devices has been the leader of hostile forces tagging, tracking and locating products for field operations since the original Fox was first deployed in 2007.

Development of the iFox and iFox-II devices incorporated two-way asset tracking and communications functionalities to field operations that increased situational awareness for its users. iFox-3 is the newest product offering of the Fox brand. It directly addresses the operational challenges of today and tomorrow to meet our U.S. Government customers’ mission requirements.

iFox-3 Overview

iFox-3 gives operational users the ability to monitor deployed assets and complete missions safely and successfully. The highly flexible and rugged device is designed to maximize data transmission. iFox-3 integrates seamlessly with Raytheon Technologies’ GlobalTrac central command, control and communications (C3) and monitoring system. Device track data is easily exported and shared with other back-end systems or Raytheon Technologies' mobile situational awareness solutions.

Rugged Blue and Red Force Tracking

iFox-3 is Iridium® satellite-based and gives operators truly global, near real-time coverage, with transmissions securely communicated via AES 256-bit encryption. Its small form factor and quick-plant capability allow for a variety of concealment and mounting options for personnel and vehicle tracking using onboard relays. The high-precision GPS receiver with inertial navigation enables highly accurate tracking of assets, and positional transmissions are securely communicated using AES 128-bit encryption.